Three bundles of love from above and ginger + milk



The idea that my cat was pregnant never occurred to me until three weeks ago. I was thinking that she might have this rest period as she had her baby way back I’m December. But I was proved wrong.

When I cuddled my cat yesterday I noticed that she was lighter and her belly wasn’t as full as it used to be. Upon realizing that she has given birth without much fanfare, I went around the house to search for her kittens. I noticed that she hangs out most of the time in my sister’s room. The first search in the room proved to be unsuccessful but on the second attempt I found three little kittens–one black and two black and white.

And how auspicious that she gave birth in a trolley that I was supposed to use when I fly to Germany. The old believes that whenever a cat gives birth in the house, it means good luck…and what more luck I have of a promise of travel someday.

It’s funny how sexually active my cat is compared to me. Well she’s an animal and possesses a kind of beauty that tom cats find irresistible…

I didn’t go out this morning because of a looming allergy attack. So after taking my antihistamine, I just took a rest on the sofa. After a few minutes of nap, I looked for something to eat and found a sachet of an energy drink. Milk-based. The weird thing is that it is ginger-flavored. I was skeptical whether I would like it or not, but since I have already put the contents of the packet in my mug, I decided to give it a go.


The taste? Weird but nice. I googled about this strange mix and found out that indeed, this flavor is present in Guandogn province in China. It comes in the form of a dessert call ginger milk curd. The dessert is made of milk, ginger and sugar. For curious takes, the recipe can be found here.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried making this before…so be forewarned!

One thought: Maybe this dessert was created to cancel out the purgative effects of milk in lactose intolerant individuals? As we all know ginger is very potent against stomach upsets.

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